The Proton by OtoMedix is not just a generic amplifier like you see offered on most online hearing aid sites. It is a legitimate digital hearing, like you find at most local hearing aid centers, but at less than half the price!

Just look at these features:

-Designed in Sweden, and assembled in America.

-Speaker-In-The-Ear design (for better sound reproduction).

-8 channel sound adjustment (for more accurate prescription).

-Background noise reduction (reduces noise for better understanding).

-Speech enhancement (amplifies voices more than other sounds).

-Modern anti-feedback technology (keeps the aids from whistling).

-Onboard volume control (button on right aid increases volume; button on left aid reduces volume).

-Aids are color coded (right aid has red marker; left aid has blue marker).

-Size 312 battery (best balance of power and size).

-Full 1 year warranty.

All for just $295 each!

Each aid comes with an assortment of tips, so you can use the ones that best fit your particular ears.

You can adjust the volume with the onboard controls, use the free app, or use the optional remote control ($150).

At $295 each, the aids are programmed for the most common hearing loss. For an additional $100 each, we can program the aids to your specific hearing loss. For that customized programming, you will need to get your hearing tested, and mail, fax, or email a copy to us:


PO Box 275

Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813

These aids are extremely reliable, and there have been 100,000’s of happy patients wearing these aids for years!