It's all about the microchip!

The general population is aging.  As people take better care of themselves by eating right and exercising regularly, we are living longer and healthier lives.   But since we are living longer, there are more and more people living to an age where they are experiencing difficulty hearing in challenging environments.    The economic obstacle is that many Americans are finding it increasingly more difficult to afford effective hearing improvement.

Recognizing that there was a need for other alternatives for better hearing, OtoMedix was formed to provide top quality, FDA approved, digital hearing aids and Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAs) at prices that nearly anyone can afford.

The new Proton is designed to help anyone hear better; whether it's TV, church or just simple family gatherings!

Distribution Contact Info:

PO Box 275
Cripple Creek, CO 80813



Although OtoMedix also imports high-end, digital hearing aids, we are also known for our Personal Sound Amplifiers. 
Unfortunately, until recently, PSAs have been extremely low quality and sold online for anywhere from $20 - $400, and you got what you paid for: a generic, low-grade Chinese-made amplifier. 

Now, with the OtoMedix Proton, you get the same high quality microchip that you would get in an expensive hearing aid,  but at a fraction of the cost.  The Proton is designed in Switzerland and assembled in America.  We currently distribute through several local and online dispensers, but we can also be found on Amazon, E-bay and Walmart.com. 

The OtoMedix Proton is undeniably the most advanced hearing aid technology ever offered to the general public! 

You can truly...Hear the Difference!