Our founder started OtoMedix with a vision to provide Americans with affordable hearing healthcare.  Our core team of developers set out to find the best technology available at a price that's in reach of the average American budget.  We are all like you: we have families and mortgages and health challenges.  With the average high-tech hearing aids going for $5,000 per pair, that can put hearing health out of reach for many Americans.

The problem is that several major, independent medical studies have come out recently, connecting un-treated hearing loss...with dementia!  That is not something that anyone wants to add to their list of life challenges.

How tragic to end up at the finale of life not being able to recognize your loved ones, simply because you could not afford to correct your hearing loss.

After scouring all the major medical hearing device manufacturers, our team allocated and imported the most advanced Swiss hearing technology ever offered in a PSA!  Final assembly and programming is done in our Colorado laboratory, then shipped all over America.

So whether you need a prescription hearing aid or just a PSA, OtoMedix has your solution.  With every feature available on current modern hearing aids, the OtoMedix Proton is the most technologically advanced PSA ever developed!